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OM13 – Control Profile: Stock Transfer

S_ALR_87099731 – Alternative Error Handling KANBAN

OM28 – LE: Storage Location Control

S_KA5_12001382 – (Not available)

PK03 – Display Control Cycle

PK17 – Collective Kanban Print

LPK3 – Display Control Cycle for WM

PKAL – Due Replenishment Elements

OM14 – No.Range Maintenance: PKHD

S_ALR_87099732 – Field Selection Control Cycle Data

PJ02 – Change JIT Call

S_KA5_12001383 – (Not available)

PK03NR – Display Control Cycle

PK18 – Evaluation Control Cycle/Kanban

OJI1 – (Not available)

PKBC – Chnge Container Status With Bar Code

OM15 – Maintain Status Short Text – Kanban

S_ALR_87099733 – Display of Kanbans

PJ03 – Display JIT Call

S_KA5_12001384 – (Not available)

PK05 – PP Maintain Supply Area (Kanban)

PK21 – Change Kanban Container Status

OJI2 – JIT Call Profile

PKMC – Control Cycle Maintenance

OM16 – Maintain Kanban Status Sequences

S_ALR_87099735 – Quick Info for Kanbans

PJ04 – Display JIT Calls

S_KA5_12001385 – (Not available)

PK05S – Fast Entry Supply Area

PK22 – Kanban Quantity Signal

OJI3 – Maintain Time Definitions

PKRF21 – Kanban Signal with Radio Frequency

OM17 – Define Actions for Status Switching

S_EAC_24000003 – (Not available)

PJNA – Message Output

PK06 – PP Maintain Supply Area (Kanban)

PK23 – Manual Kanban Creation

OJIN1 – Maintain Cond. Table: Sum. JIT Call

PKRF22 – Quantity Signal with Radio Frequency

OM18 – Number Range Maintenance: PKKEY

S_EAC_24000004 – (Not available)

PJNK1 – Create Condition: JIT Call

PK07 – Kanban Calculation

PK23L – Delete Kanbans Automatically

OJIN2 – Maintain Access Seqs: Sum. JIT Call

PKRF23 – Event-Driven KANBAN Radio Frequency

OM19 – Kanban Calculation Profile

S_EAC_24000005 – (Not available)

PJNK2 – Change Condition: JIT Call

PK08 – Check Kanban Calculation Result

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