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JVSO10 – Display Edition and Ref.Edition

JWU6 – IS-M/SD: Compare Sales Activities

JYG2 – Maintain number range: ISP_ADRNR

S_EAI_91000015 – (Not available)

J-C6 – IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.for Prom.Analysis

JCS0 – IS-M: Create Condition

JF11 – IS-M: Reverse Billing Document

JG10 – IS-M/SD: Create Service Company

JGR1 – IS-M/SD: SC Employee Turnover

JH69 – Status/Char.Attributes S.Line/Ad Spc

JHC1 – Contact Conversion

JHGP – IS-M/AM: Overview Coll.Billing Run

JHRE – IS-M: Complaints List

JI44 – Assign Postal Codes to Eval.Areas

JJB8 – IS-M: Change Date-Specific BU

JJGM – Maintain Alternative Customer Number

JJSNRO_ISM_FESTPL – Number Range Maintenance: ISM_FESTPL

JK54 – Display retail offer

JKS2 – IS-PSD: Compar.Live Subs (Std/Free)

JKSDCRED3 – Mark Cred.Memo Req.w/Ref.to Contract

JKSDUNSOLD02 – Create Request Documents

JKVIAC_RESTORE – Activate IAC Changes After Planning

JL80 – IS-M/SD: Display Collective Runs

JM02 – IS-M: Change Material

JPMPMIG2 – IS-M: Med.Prod.Migration: JFREVVA

JS06 – IS-M: Edit Carrier Route-Geo.Assgmts

JSB2 – IS-M: Postal Transfer DMun.Key

JV2SD01 – Synchronize Unloading Pts to SAP BP

JVM4 – IS-M: Distribution

JVPE – IS-M: Create Production Data

JVSO7 – Check Shipping Date for Shipp.Order

JX82 – SM30: Edit Advertising Media

JYPO – IS-M: Print Param.f.Outpt Control

J-IX – IS-M/SD: Initialize Gen.LIS Data

JD20 – IS-M: Create Gen.Rule for Media Prod

JFBF – IS-M: Billing Document Flow

JG41 – IS-M/SD: Change Field Collector

JGZ21 – IS-M: Change Sales Customer

JH92 – Create conditions using template

JHD4 – Create Condition Records (JB)

JHKI – Reorganize condition indices JE

JHV1 – IS-M: Create Contract Requirements

JII1 – Close/Open IVW Audit Period

JJBM – Check BU completeness new

JJI9 – IS-M: Display Cont.Comp Hierarchy

JJW2 – IS-M/AM: Change Sales Activity

JKAN_ALOG – IS-M/SD: Log New Account Det.

JKSD03 – Edit Quantity Plan

JKSDFORECAST02 – Change Reference Issues

JKSDWWW04 – Query Tool for Returns

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