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JHFB – IS-M/AM: Billing Overview

JHPA – Account Determination: Create Table

JI21 – IS-M: IVW Audit Rep.for Daily Papers

JJ65 – IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run

JJG2 – IS-M/AM: Change Media Customer

JJPRDH_PNKRS – IS-M/AM: No.Range for Prov.Products

JK34 – Display order for char.transfer dis.

JKRB – Change Return

JKSDCON01 – IS-M: Copy Contract Data

JKSDQEVENTINIT – Corrected Sales Qty: Initialize

JKSJ – Subscription Lifetime Statistics

JL66 – IS-M: Change Comm.Settlement SC

JLTA – IS-M/SD: Access EE HDel.Sett.Transf.

JPMDG3 – Generate Media Product Master Recs

JR54 – IS-M: Delivery Archiving – Create

JSA5 – Postal Units in Geo.Units

JV10 – IS-M: Edit Delivery Viability Set

JVA2 – IS-M: Ship.List f.Periodical Post

JVSDHD_VDAT_SHIFT – ISM: HDel.Planning: Move Shippg Date

JVZM – IS-M: Maintain Carrier Notification

JYC1 – Maintain number range doc.conditions

JZ33 – Maintain date combination (fixed)

J-6B – IS-M: User-Spec.Sel.Vers.Tree MDIS

J/P1 – Change cond.table f.postal settlemt

JD85 – IS-M: List Editions in Bundling Grp

JFU1 – Individual Transfer to FI

JGB5 – IS-M: Transfer Customers on Hand

JH52 – Design Ad Type: Admissibility

JHB3 – IS-M: Commercial Planning Export

JHG3 – Display Condition Table (JC)

JHR6 – IS-M: Alt.Payer in Contract Settlemt

JI43 – Display Postal Code Evaluation Areas

JJB7 – IS-M: Create Date-Specific BU

JJGL – IS-M/AM: Display Sales Agent ID Code

JJSI – IS-M: Ad Insert

JK53X – Display Retail Offer

JKS1 – IS-PSD: Analysis of live subscrips

JKSDCRED2 – Create Credit Memo Requests

JKSDUNSOLD01 – Process Requests

JKUDSTATUS – Status of ND Notifications

JL79 – IS-M: Coll.HDel.Settlement Run(SC)

JM01 – IS-M: Create Material

JPMPMIG1 – IS-M: Med.Prod.Migration: Check Data

JS05 – IS-M: Display Geographical Hierarchy

JSB1 – Split Entire Postal File

JV29 – IS-M: Display Shipping Schedule

JVLF – IS-M: Sales, Current Settings

JVSO1 – Create Shipping Order

JWU5 – Sales Activities for Bus.Partner

JYG1 – Maintain number range: ISP_GP_NR

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