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JJBJ – Maintain Alternative Dates

JJI6 – IS-M: Coll.Display of Cont.Comps

JJV8 – IS-M: Display Inclusive Requirement

JKA4 – Display third-party delivery order

JKSB – IS-M: Dist.Rept Geo/CRoute DatComp.

JKSDDISPLAYSC01 – Display Assignm. Segment – Contracts


JKWT – IS-M/SD: WBZ, Cust.Number Exchange

JLAP – IS-M/SD: Settlement Transfers

JND1 – IS-M: Reorg.Output Cont.(Billing)

JPTSTARTER – Assign Basic Edition to Media Prod.

JS16 – IS-M: Create Streets

JSE02 – Evaluate City References

JV42 – IS-M: Change Shipping Prob.Message

JVP6 – IS-M: Create Production Data

JVSO4 – Delete Shipping Order

JX72 – SM30 Maint. Counter Restart DTrsfer

JYL3 – Maintain number range: ISP_JKONV

J-FD – IS-M/SD: LIS Update Sim.for Billing

JD10 – IS-M: Create Ad Pre-Prt.(Fast Entry)

JFB3 – IS-M: Reconc.List for Bank Return

JG35 – IS-M/SD: Change Commission Recipient

JGZ1 – IS-M: Create Customer

JH86 – Date-spec. capacity for fixed spaces

JHD1 – Create Condition Records (JA)

JHKD – Condition table: Change index (JC)

JHTB – IS-M: Create Condition Table (JE)

JIAUDITREPORT_MPS – IS-M: Evaluate Audit Report for MPM

JJBZ – IS-M: AI BU Admissibility

JJK4 – Dynam.cond.maint.f.pricng for c.ord.

JK02 – Change Subscription Order

JKCOMPL1_PRESET – IS-M/SD: Create Complaint (Defaults)

JKSD12 – Quantity Plan from Planning Calendar

JKSDKNVP3 – Log of Partner Roles in Contracts

JKSE26 – Log of Contract Index

JKX11 – IS-M/SD: Read Archived Complaints

JLI5 – IS-M: Tfer Comm.Sett – Human Res

JNS8 – IS-M: Research Output

JR09 – IS-M: Display Loading/Unloading Pt

JS31 – IS-M: Display Org Struc.-Geo.Unit

JSP0 – (Not available)

JV60 – IS-M: Shipping Preparation for TMC

JVRULE_COP – IS-M: Maintain Packing Rule f.Copies


JXAO – SM30 Maint.Stats Grp per OType/I.Ass

JYS3 – Maintain number range: ISP_GEOPST

J-M1 – Media information system

JD38 – IS-M: Change Issue

JFFI – FI Journal for Revenue Posting/Dist.

JG57 – IS-M/SD: Display Postal Data

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