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J-50 – IS-M: Exception Analysis MDIS

J/LD – Execute Condition List

JD76 – IS-M: Display Ad Pre-Print Pub.Cal.

JFTA – IS-M/SD: Call Up Individual Transfer

JGAD – IS-M: Determine Address Duplicates

JGZ90 – IS-M: Create Household

JHAW – IS-M/AM: IAC Enter Classified Ad

JHF2 – IS-M/AM: Change Billing Document

JHP0 – IS-M: Sales Agent Settlement

JHWN – IS-M: Subsequent Assignment of BDst

JJ46 – IS-M/AM: Archive Contract Check

JJF5 – IS-M: Change Condition Records (JF)

JJPRDH_P1 – IS-M/AM: Maintain Economic Sectors

JK31 – Create Gift Distribution Order

JKR2 – Change customer complaint


JKSDORDERBOOKGEN02 – Purch.Order Planning: Initialize Mix


JL60 – IS-M: Create EE Comm.Settlement

JLPH – IS-M: Overall Postal Charge Stats

JPC3 – Log Media Prod.Mast.from WBS Element

JR36 – Display Unloading Rules

JS71 – Refresh Structures

JUPART – Conversion IS-M BP to SAP BP

JV92 – IS-M: ShipList f.Labeled Per.Post

JVSDHD3 – Edit Ref. Edition for SD Home Del.

JVVA – IS-M: Generate Issue Splits

JYA9 – Number Range Maintenance: ISP_ABUEB

JZ06 – Maintain BU hierarchy

J-AJ – IS-M/SD: AR Cat.Analysis – Selection

JC9C – IS-M: Condition Master Data

JF01 – IS-M/SD: Create Billing Document

JF_ITALY_VAT_02 – VAT Reporting – Italy

JGBDC2 – Bank Details Change: Create File

JH61 – Display generation period

JHBA – Cond.Maint.Using Index: Display JC

JHFR – IS-M/AM: Individual Release (Dialog)

JHR0 – IS-M: Contract Settlement

JI35 – CAR Quantity Statement for Period

JJADVSLSZ_WEEKDAYS – Define Weekdays for AdvertSalesZones

JJGA – Create Media Sales Agent

JJS1 – Maintain Bank Details Barring List

JK44 – Display Subscription Offer

JKRN – IS-M/SD: Amortization


JKSDSEGMENT – Edit Segments

JKU7 – Generate free subscriptions

JL73 – IS-M: Reverse HDel. Settlement EE

JLW7 – IS-M: Create Cond.Tab.-EAD HDel.

JPMG5 – Preassign Issue Sequences

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