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JGZ20 – IS-M: Create Sales Customer

JH91 – Create Conditions

JHD3 – Display Condition Records (JA)

JHKH – Reorganize condition indexes

JHTD – IS-M: Display Condition Table (JE)

JII0 – Update Circulation Book for Audit

JJBL – CM-BU: Maintain Date-Specific Cont.

JJI8 – IS-M: Process Cont.Comp.Hierarchy

JJW1 – IS-M/AM: Add Sales Activity

JKAN – New Acct.Det.with Rev.Acct.Transfer

JKSD – IS-M: Distribution of Transfers

JKSDEVENTEXEC – Change Quantity Plan from Events

JKSDWWW03 – Overview of Possible Returns

JKWWW02 – IAC Change Address

JLC1 – IS-M: Maintain Acct Det.Data (J1)

JND3 – IS-M: Reorg.Output Cont.(Dist.ErrH.)

JR01 – IS-M/SD: Create Truck Route

JS18 – IS-M: Display Streets

JSE1 – Transfer Cities, Postal Codes – USA

JV44 – IS-M: Evaluate Shipping Prob.Message

JVPC – IS-M: Production Group

JVSO6 – Delete Deliveries for Shipping Order

JX75 – SM30 Maint.Search Seq.f.Std Packing

JYN2 – Number range maintenance: ISP_RECHDR

J-FU – IS-M/SD: Indicator Delivery Updated

JD12 – IS-M: Display Ad Pre-Prt.(Fast Ent.)

JFB5 – IS-M: Ref.Transfer of Bank Returns

JG40 – IS-M/SD: Create Field Collector

JGZ36 – IS-M: Create Researcher

JHA3N – IS-M/AM: Display Order

JHDG – IS-M: Display Cond.List Prices JE

JHKU2 – Cond.Maint.Using Index: Change JD

JHW4 – IS-M: Display BP Hierarchy

JJ13 – Change Conditions

JJCAMPAIGN_CRM – IS-M: Campaigns With CRM Reference

JJL2 – IS-M: Standard Access Analyze Pages

JK03 – Display Subscription Order

JKCOMPL2 – IS-M/SD: Change Customer Complaint

JKSD13A – Display Worklist of Media Issues

JKSDKNVP5 – Log of Partner Roles in Cust. Master

JKSECONTRACT02 – Log of Series Contract Activation

JKX21 – IS-M/SD: Archive Amo.Data for Acct

JLL2 – Change Pricing Report

JNSB – Fast Entry of Bank Returns

JR11 – IS-M: Create Daily Truck Route

JS33 – IS-M: Display Org.Hierarchy

JUC05 – BP Conv. Occupations TJG05 TB028

JV62 – IS-M: Display Planning Trigger

JVSD01 – IS-M/SD: Edit Media Issue Mix

JVTMCP_GEN_PROT – IS-M: TMCP: Log of Shipp. Order Gen.

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