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JDPOST01 – Edition Postal Data

JF_ITALY_VAT_01 – Setting for VAT Reporting

JGBDC1 – Change Bank Number in Bank Details

JH60 – Generate schedule lines

JHB9 – IS-M: M/AM Order Qty <> M/SD Del.Qty

JHFP – IS-M/AM: Overview Coll.Billing Run

JHPU – IS-M/AM: Release Vendor Documents

JI34 – Daily CAR Statistics (w/o Hierarchy)

JJA4 – IS-M/AM: Number Range Maint. PARTNER

JJG9 – Display Agent Pool

JJS0 – IS-M: Area Menu – Structures/Dist.

JK43X – Display Subscription Offer

JKRM_ALOG – IS-M/SD: Subscription Monitoring Log

JKSDCONTRACTFAST – Fast Entry of Customer Quantity Plan


JKU6 – Ad Pre-Print Orders for Carr.Edition

JL72 – IS-M: Display HDel.Settlement EE

JLU1 – Commission Due Dates

JPMG4 – Use of Media Issue in Issue Sequence

JR60 – IS-M: Dly Truck Route Arch. – Reload

JSAB – Postal Unit for Addresses

JV19 – Check Result

JVB1 – Display Planned Circ.for Carr.Route

JVSDPR0I – Packaging Rule for Media Issue

JW36 – IS-M/SD: Display Campaign Framework

JYE3 – IS-M: Comm.Sett.Archive: Reload

JZ43 – Maintain Date Combination (Flexible)

J-AG – IS-M/SD: Promotion Anal. – Selection

JC9B – IS-M: Condition Master Data – Sales

JF87 – IS-M/SD: Create Rev.Acct Det.Table

JG18 – IS-M/SD: Display Sales Customer

JGV7 – IS-M: Maintain Employment Relnship

JH76 – Data trans.for new commercial orders

JHCP_CHANGE – Change Contact Person

JHINSSERT_DET – Enter Series Determ.Rule Parameters

JHT2 – IS-M: Change Condition Table (JA)

JIA1 – Manage Audit Reports (Period)

JJBE – IS-M: Display BU Assignments

JJI1 – IS-M: Create Content Component

JJV2 – IS-M/AM: Change Sales Agent Contract

JKA1X – Create External Delivery Order

JKS7 – IS-M: Weekly Retail Sales

JKSDCUST07 – IS-M: Maintain Geo.Assignment Type

JKSDUNSOLD11 – Postprocess Single Returns

JKWC – IS-M: WBZ Outbound, Manual Comm.

JLAA – IS-M: Exceps f.Transfer to HR/RP

JN04 – IS-M: Create Bank Returns Research

JPMPMIG_PROT3 – JFREVVA Conversion Logs (Migration)

JS11 – IS-M: Change Postal Code

JSB7 – IS-M: Transfer Data on P.O.Boxes

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