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JHT3 – Display Condition Table (JA)

JIA2 – Delete Circulation Book Records

JJBF – IS-M: M/AM PCirQy <> M/SD Del.Qties

JJI2 – IS-M: Change Content Component

JJV3 – IS-M: Display Sales Agent Contract

JKA2 – Change External Delivery Order

JKS8 – IS-M: Reader Structure Ind./Occup.

JKSDCUST11 – IS-M: Audit Report Category Determ.

JKSDUNSOLD12 – Log Request Documents

JKWD – IS-M: WBZ, Delete Entries, RtnFile

JLAB – IS-M: Monitor Missing BP Substits

JN05 – IS-M: Change Bank Returns Research

JPS1 – Create Ad Insert

JS12 – IS-M: Display Postal Code Data

JSB8 – IS-M: Convert Phonetic Search

JV37 – IS-M: Set Order Deadline

JVP2 – IS-M: Production Procedure

JVSO16 – Sh. Order Archiving: Reload Archive

JX01 – Maintain Types of Geo.Units

JYK4 – Maintain number range: ISP_PROSP

J-F4 – IS-M/SD: Reorg.LIS Data for Billing

JD03 – IS-M: Display Gen.Rule for Edition

JF88 – IS-M/SD: Change Rev.Acct Det.Table

JG19 – IS-M/SD: Create Retailer

JGV8 – IS-M: Display Employment Relnship

JH77 – Status/Char.Attributes S.Line/Ad Spc

JHCP_CONV – Media Contact: Convert Order/Contrct

JHK1 – IS-M: Pricing Proc.Det.for Pricing

JHVCATVASTD_SM34 – IS-M: Issue Shift: Order Item Pool

JISDSCSDORD – Audit Report Categorization SD Order

JJBP – Check production unit content

JJK0 – Call up dynamic condition mainten.

JJWV – IS-M/AM: Create Sales Call

JKB3X – Display Internal Order

JKSD08 – Edit Quantity Plan Versions

JKSDISSUEDATECREATE – Create Coll. Index for Media Issues

JKSE – IS-M: Coll.Ex.Copy Del. Retail Ord.

JKWWWTEMP_COMPL – IS-M/SD: Edit Complaints

JLCH – Master Data Contract Arr. Ext. SC

JNS4 – IS-M: Resubmission Output

JR05 – IS-M: Change Truck Route Contract

JS27 – IS-M: Display Distr.-Distr.Assgmt

JSE9 – Transfer Cities – Italy

JV55 – Create agent district

JVPH4 – Edit Phase Shipping Dates

JVSOCOMPL3 – IS-M/SD: Display Ship.Order Complt

JXAK – SM30 Maint.of Update Grp Header

JYRT – IS-M: Choose Report Tree

J-K7 – IS-M/AM: Maintain TJHMC3

JD34 – Create Edition

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