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JVSDHD0 – ISM: Maint. HDel.Schedule for Mat.

JVV8 – Assign Issue Splits to Deliveries

JYA5 – IS-M: Display Home Del.Sett Archive

JYWW – Maintain number range: ISP_WEKONR

J-39 – IS-M: Change Evaluation Structure

J/LB – Change Condition List

JD74 – IS-M: Overview of Issue Weights

JFT5 – IS-M/SD: Bank Returns Transfer

JGA8 – IS-M: Address Recording

JGZ71 – IS-M: Change Media Sales Agent

JHAVMA – IS-M/AM: Update Orders

JHF0 – IS-M: Billing

JHO4 – Number range maintenance: ISP_CHINR

JHWL – IS-M: Subsequent Contract Assignment

JJ44 – IS-M: Display Archive Contract

JJF2 – IS-M: Change Condition Table (JF)

JJPRDH_FA – IS-M/AM: Create WL for Link Table

JK23X – Display Coupon Order

JKP3 – Display Ad Pre-Print Order

JKSDCOLLECTISSUEDATE – Maintain Coll. Date for Media Issue

JKSDORDERBOOK02 – Display Order Quantity Planning


JL3C – IS-M: Tfer Deliv.Sett.to Seq.File

JLPF – IS-M: Postal Charges – Labeled PP

JPBDCDL – Reset OR Data Collector

JR33 – IS-M: Display Unloading Rule

JS55 – Analysis of Orders on Change Number

JUCP7 – Display Conversion Logs

JV90 – IS-M: Edit Order Deadline

JVSDPR0 – Packaging Rules for Media Issues

JW35 – IS-M/SD: Change Campaign Framework

JYE2 – IS-M: Comm.Sett.Archive: Delete

JZ41 – Copy pricing procedure and cnd.types

J-AD – IS-M/SD: Sales Agent Anal. – Sel.

JC9A – IS-M: Condition Master Data

JDMPS1 – IS-M: Display Media Prod.Master Data

JFVL – Open Issue Account Assignments

JGBD – IS-M: Bank data changes

JH57 – BU Grouping for Ad Type Admissibilty

JHB7 – IS-M: Change BU Hierarchy

JHFL – IS-M/AM: Bill.Log for Cntrct Sttlmnt

JHPS – IS-M:Ind.Vendor Bill.Doc.Reversal

JI33 – IS-M: AR Distribution Analysis

JJA3 – IS-M/AM: Display Contact Person

JJG7 – Maintain Sales Agent Pool

JJPRDH_UV – IS-M/AM: Update Provisional Products

JK43 – Display Subscription Offer

JKRM – IS-M/SD: Subscription Monitoring

JKSDCON06 – IS-M/SD: Schedule Contr. Rejections

JKSDREQUEST01 – Administration Request

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