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JKSDTRANS02 – Create Transfer Documents

JKUA – Orders with billing block

JL76 – IS-M: Change HDel.Settlement SC

JLX7 – IS-M: Create Cond.Tab.f.ExpAccDet.

JPMGD2 – Maintain Generation Profile

JS02 – IS-M: Change Geographical Units

JSAF – Editions Viable for Home Delivery

JV26 – IS-M: Display Variants

JVG1 – Display Planned Circ.for Geo.Unit

JVSDPR1M – Packaging Rule Material

JWU2 – Print Labels for Free Gifts

JYF3 – Maintain number range: ISP_FAKBL

J_05 – Cond.Table: Display (Sales Price)

J-C2 – IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.f.Sales Off.Anal.

JCP4 – IS-M: Master Data f.Postal Charges

JF04 – IS-M: Create Billing Document

JG03 – IS-M: Display General Bus.Partner

JGBP_SHOW – IS-M: Display Business Partner

JH65 – Data transfer for new orders

JHBD – Cond.Maint.Using Index: Create JE

JHFU – IS-M/AM: Release Customer Accounting

JHR3 – IS-M/AM: Display Settlement

JI40 – Edit PCode Area Evaluation Variants

JJB1 – IS-M: Create Booking Unit

JJGD – IS-M/AM: Maintain BP Alias

JJS4 – IS-M: Create Ad Insert

JK52 – Change retail offer

JKRN_OVERVIEW – Overview of Amortization Logs

JKSDCRED1 – Mark Credit Memo Req.w/Ref.to Order

JKSDDISPLAYQUAN – IS-M: Display Quantities for Segment

JKSDUNSOLDCANCELP – Delete Log Doc. for Return Release

JKWR – IS-M: WBZ, Create Confirmation File

JLAK – Document by Billing Condition Types

JND0 – IS-M: Reorg.Output Cont.(Order)

JPSEPRODCOMP – Series Product Hierarchy

JS15 – IS-M: Display Cities

JSE01 – Refresh Postal Code-City Assignments

JV41 – IS-M: Create Shipping Prob.Message

JVP5 – IS-M: Elements of Prod.Grouping

JVSO3 – Display Shipping Order

JX67 – SM30 Maintenance of Stats Groupings

JYL2 – Maintain number range: ISP_ABRCHN

J-FC – IS-M/SD: LIS Update Sim.for Delivery

JD06 – IS-M: Display Gen.Rule f.Truck Route

JFB2 – IS-M: Data Transfer f.Bank Return

JG34 – IS-M/SD: Create Commission Recipient

JGZ0 – Check SAP BP Customizing

JH85 – Fixed spaces capacity

JHCP_DISPLAY – Display Contact Person

JHK9 – Reorganize condition indexes

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