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CD – IMG for FS-CD

IBR54 – Broker Report Transfer – File Gen.

S_EAV_08000926 – IMG Activity

S_KK4_08000432 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74001062 – IMG Activity: _ISIS_TLXXMVZ

VJ14 – Business Transaction Type

VVSCPOVER – Scheduling: Debit Entry: Item Summrz

VY7M – Parameters for Open Account Clearing

VYM9 – Define Dunning Archiving Runtime

FQVI07 – AgencyColl: Clarification Code

INSO0002 – BDT Control: Field Groups

S_KK4_08000117 – S_KK4_08000117

S_KK4_08000512 – IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_VY_V132

S_KK4_74001075 – IMG Activity: _ISIS_TLXXBSG

VKKQUOT2 – Days to Quotation Acceptance Check

VVSCZOP – Scheduling: Customizing Payment Opt

VYAC5 – Activate AS Bus. Case Reversal PPlan

VYZ2 – Customizing: Automatic Payments

FQVI20 – Agency Coll: On Acct Clarif. Code

INSO0016 – BDT Control: Tables

S_KK4_08000151 – (Not available)

S_KK4_08000660 – (Not available)

S_SK4_11000031 – S_SK4_11000031

VSC05 – Tax Specifications

VY13 – DME processing

VYAS21 – Activate AS for Broker Report Arch.

IBR08 – Broker Report New Reconciliation Key

ISCDTOOL12 – Internal: Payt Plan Simulation Test

S_KK4_08000211 – (Not available)

S_KK4_08000674 – (Not available)

VAZE – Credit Splitting (Multiple Payts)

VVKK_CLEARING_CHECK – Activate Test: Money Laundering Law

VY6H – Acct Det. Reconc. Acct

VYCD – Bank Acct Customizing

IBR33 – Clarif. Account for Clarif. Code

S_EAV_08000890 – IMG Activity

S_KK4_08000315 – (Not available)

S_KK4_08000734 – (Not available)

VJ02 – Insurance Type

VVSCACT – Scheduling: Customizing Payt Opt Act

VY6W – Parameters for Transfer Postings

VYCR – Customizing: Returns Reasons

FQV085 – Provisional Premium Receivables

IBR55 – BrokRepTransfer – Cust. Struct. Gen.

S_EAV_08000927 – IMG Activity

S_KK4_08000436 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74001063 – IMG Activity: _ISIS_TLXXMVL

VJ15 – Country Where Risks are Situated

VVSCPOVEROPK – Schedulimg: Debit Entry: Summ. OI

VY7S – Customizing: Dunning block reasons

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