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FWBS – Manual Posting

RDPT1 – List of Redemption Schedule Sets

S_ALR_87004189 – IMG Activity: WP-TYP

S_ALR_87007445 – IMG Activity: TRM4

S_ALR_87007881 – IMG Activity: TR_GP_KOPIER

S_ALR_87014424 – Posting Journal

S_ALR_87015278 – Posting Overview

TB30 – List of open items FI

TBT1D – Display Trans. Auth. for Traders

THM_NR_TRANS – Number range maintenance: THM_TRANS

TJ01 – Journal of transactions

TO06 – Give Notice on OTC Int. Rate Instr.

TSL10 – Sec. Lending, Collateral, Revenues

FWMY – Securities management

S_ALN_01002322 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87004330 – IMG Activity: ALLGEMKLASSIF_WP

S_ALR_87007798 – IMG Activity: LIM_PROD_GRP_TR

S_ALR_87007909 – IMG Activity: TR_IMG_PRQ_FKP

S_ALR_87014451 – Posting Overview

S_ALR_87100140 – Posting journal

TBB1_LC_OP_ONLY – Flag flows as posted (before migr.)

TEM11 – Display Raw Exposures

TI56 – Chg.Futures Master

TM04 – Roll Over Fixed-Term Deposit

TPM63B – Val.Area-Dependent Data: Securities

TX01 – Spot/Forward Transaction Entry

FW-8 – Number range maintenance: FVVW_KOBJ

FWOC – Settle order

S_ALR_87003794 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ56

S_ALR_87007318 – IMG Activity: TRMV

S_ALR_87007820 – IMG Activity: ABL_REGELN_FX

S_ALR_87007935 – IMG Activity: TR_IMG_PRQ_KBB

S_ALR_87014487 – Treasury: Payment Schedule

S_KFM_86000103 – Define Consumption Sequence

TBCK – Check account determination

TF08 – History

TI70 – Create Order

TM1F – Deposit at Notice Fast Entry

TRC3 – Client Copy Customizing

TXA5 – Forex Order Processing

FW44 – Customizing portfolio items

FWR1 – Customizing Acct Assignm. Refer.(Mod

S_ALR_87003920 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ76


S_ALR_87007844 – IMG Activity: 2STF_BEWPRINZ_WP

S_ALR_87008528 – IMG activity: INTEREST_VOLA_INPUT

S_ALR_87015220 – Treasury:Journal of Financial Trans.

TAC5 – Number Range Maintenance: FTA_AWKEY

TBCZ – Maintain Acct Determination: DE

THM54 – Manual OCI Reclassification

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