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AFO_AP_LOAN_MMIG – FO Integration: Loans – Migration

S_PL7_36000005 – (Not available)

AFO_FOI_DER_POS1 – FO Int.: Deriv. – Class Pos. in SA

AFWFLT – AFWCH: Filter Maintenance

AFW_BP2 – BP Conversion: Portfolio Hierarchies

RASRPDEL – Reorganization Single Records Proc.

AFO_AP_LOAN_MUPD – FO Integration: Loans – Mass Proc.

AFO_FOI_DER_POS2 – FO Int.: Deriv. – Class Pos. in FA

AFWKF_MD – Master Data Reporting for RDB

AFW_BP3 – BP Conversion: Character.Hierarchies

S_ALN_01002516 – (Not available)

AFO_AP_POS1_MMIG – FO Int.: Class Pos.in SA – Migration

AFO_FOI_FIELD_EXPT – FO Integ.: Exceptions for Character.

AFWKF_PA – Key Figures and Eval. Procedures

AFW_BP4 – BP Conversion:: Encode PH Value

S_KFM_86000043 – (Not available)

AFO_AP_POS1_MUPD – FO Int.:Class Pos.in SA – Mass Proc.

AFO_FOI_PD – FO Integration – Log Display

AFWKF_RA – Key Figures and Eval. Procedures

AFW_BP5 – BP Conv. with Ident.Numbers: BPMIG=3

S_KFM_86000044 – (Not available)

AFO_AP_POS2_MMIG – FO Int.: Class Pos.in FA – Migration

AFO_FOI_PP – FO Integration: Postprocessing

AFWO1 – Single Records Procedure: Monitoring

AFW_BP6 – Set Status to "Completed"

S_KFM_86000045 – (Not available)

AFO_AP_POS2_MUPD – FO Int.:Class Pos.in FA – Mass Proc.

AFO_UPDSAVE_DEL – Delete Admin. Data for Night Run

AFWO2 – Final Results Procedure: Monitoring

JBRFG – Edit field groups

S_KFM_86000046 – (Not available)

AFO_AP_TRTM_MUPD – FO Integ.: Open TRTM – Mass Process.

AFO_UPDSAVE_SHOW – Display Admin. Data for Night Run

AFWOBM – Final Results Procedure: Monitoring

PAEP1 – Procedure for Single Records: PA

S_KFM_86000047 – (Not available)

AFO_CFUPDATE – Update Cash Flow Management

AFO_WORK_SHOW – Display Worklist for Fin. Object

AFWPH – Portfolio Hierarchies

PAEP2 – Procedure for Final Results: PA

S_KFM_86000048 – (Not available)

AFO_FOI_DER_DERIVA – FO Integ.: Derivation – Derivatives

AFO_WP_CONV – Conversion of Financial Objects

AFWPHD – Portfolio Hierarchies (Display)

PAEPBM – Procedure for Final Results: PA

S_KFM_86000049 – (Not available)

AFO_FOI_DER_FAZ – FO Int.: Derivation from Facilities

AFWA – Create Maintain Analysis Structures

AFWS – Maintain Segment Level Characterist.

PASRPDEL – Reorganization Single Records Proc.

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