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FKKCRM_AUTH_CHECK – Dummy: FCC Authorization Check

FP05CLE_CALL – Clarification proc. via CALL TRANS

FPAR12 – FI-CA: Invoicing by Third Party

FPARZ0 – FI-CA: Payment Lot Archiving

FPCGA – Display Master Data Groups

FPDMS3 – Assign Business Partner

FPLC – Acct Balance: Fullscreen Chronology

FPPNU – Change Prenotif. Processing Status

FPWLM – Manage Worklists

FQB4 – FI-CA Corresp. – Application Forms

FQK2 – TFK021R (account balance: Select)

FQZ04 – FI-CA: G/L Acct Det Write Off

FQZQ – FI-CA: Doc Posting: Default Entries

S_EAI_14000032 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74002110 – IMG Activity: _FICABTPY_FQZL

S_KK4_74002174 – IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_V_TFK080R1

S_KK4_74002240 – IMG Activity: _ISUFICABTDI_000089

S_KK4_74002307 – IMG Activity: _FICABFDP_FQK8

S_KK4_74002371 – IMG Activity: _FICABFTX_TFK007E

S_KK4_74002460 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74002543 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74002618 – IMG Activity: _FICACUSPOR_V_TFIS01

S_KK4_74002709 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74002778 – (Not available)

FKKORD3 – Edit General Requests

FP18 – Reverse Repayment Request

FPARCOLL1 – Collection Agency Archiving

FPAY1B – Create Payment Specification

FPCIBW – BW Extraction of Cleared Items

FPE2M – Mass Document Change

FPN4 – Number Range Maintenance: FKKPYFORM

FPRU – Overview of Repayment Requests

FP_NOTE_TEST – Note to payee Analysis – Test

FQC1403 – Determination of Posting Data

FQKPI – Payment Specification: Line Layout

FQZ09 – FI-CA: Acct Det – Deferred Revenues

FQ_FPCJ_NC_GT_462 – Normal Clerk

S_EAI_74002806 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74002123 – IMG Activity: _ISISFICA_VY7I

S_KK4_74002189 – IMG Activity: _FICAINCM_V_TFK036V

S_KK4_74002253 – IMG Activity: _FICABTRE_TFK046A

S_KK4_74002320 – IMG Activity: _FICABFCA_SE75

S_KK4_74002384 – IMG Activity: _FICAISAD_FQK5

S_KK4_74002474 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74002556 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74002639 – IMG Activity: _FICAIDOC_FKKEBSTOIS

S_KK4_74002722 – (Not available)

S_KK4_74002791 – (Not available)

FKK_EBS_MRD – Reversal of Bills from Billing Sys.

FP40 – Transfer

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