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OAYQ – Gross/net resrvs.for special deprec.

S_ALR_87001672 – IMG Activity: ORFA_BESTANLKL


S_ALR_87006661 – IMG Activity: ORFA_RUMPF_RECH

S_ALR_87008507 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87009061 – IMG Activity: ORFA_AUFW_NEU

S_ALR_87009125 – IMG Activity: ORFA_HAUPT_KONT

S_ALR_87009189 – IMG Activity: ORFA_AUFW_KONTEN1

S_P99_41000175 – (Not available)

AFAMP – View Maint. Period Control Method

AR11 – Investment Grants

FBA7_OLD – Post Vendor Down Payment

OAP4 – FI-AA: Description of chart of dep.

S_AL0_96000205 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87006468 – IMG Activity: ORFA_LEAS_FELD

S_ALR_87006567 – IMG Activity: ORFA_STAT_KONT

S_ALR_87006698 – IMG Activity: ORFA_LAENDER

S_ALR_87009010 – IMG Activity: ORFA_KOST_UEBER

S_ALR_87009074 – IMG Activity: ORFA_RESTW

S_ALR_87009138 – IMG Activity: RSL_DEGRESSIV

S_ALR_87009202 – IMG Activity: SIMGRSL_MAX_BETRAG

AART – Reading of Archive Data

ANHAL – Maintain Cutoff Value Key

AS02 – Change Asset Master Record

OA50 – Maint. of rules for delivery costs

OAVB – C AM View Maintenance Prop.Indicator

S_ALR_87001329 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORFAOA13

S_ALR_87006481 – IMG Activity: ORFA_KLASS_SPEZ3

S_ALR_87006611 – IMG Activity: ORFA_VORG_ZUG

S_ALR_87006761 – IMG Activity: ORFA_BER_SOPO_BN

S_ALR_87009023 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORFAVOR21

S_ALR_87009087 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORFAOAV1

S_ALR_87009151 – IMG Activity: ORFA_RUMPF_RECH

S_ALR_87009608 – (Not available)

ABAVN – Asset Retirement by Scrapping

AO25 – Unit-of-prod. depreciation

AS81 – Create Old Group Assets Data

OABD – Depreciation areas/param. transfer

OAVP – C AM View Maint. Deprec.Trace Texts

S_ALR_87001365 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORFAOAK1

S_ALR_87006506 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORFAVRM1

S_ALR_87006624 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORFAVOR26

S_ALR_87006790 – IMG Activity: ORFA_IND_KONTEN


S_ALR_87009100 – IMG Activity: ORFA_BEW_TRANFER

S_ALR_87009164 – IMG Activity: ORFA_AFARFO

S_ALR_87099770 – (Not available)

ABNAN – Post-Capitalization

AO73 – Define Transaction Type

ASKB – Periodic Asset Postings

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