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CX5I1 – Customizing of Interunit Elimination

CXA3 – CU: Assign validation groups

CXDT_TF173 – Translation: Reasons for Inclusion

CXEU1 – ECCS EURO: Populate Euro Units

CXNG – Integrated Cons Units

CXS1 – Carry Forward Balances

S_ALR_87002275 – (junk)

S_ALR_87002769 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUCX01_TR04

S_ALR_87003069 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUCX01_MD15

S_ALR_87099808 – (Not available)

S_SL0_21000008 – (Not available)

CX15 – Display FS items

CX27 – List of Last Change of Task Status

CX5T7 – IMG: Tasks for Elim. of P/L in Inv.

CXAG – HI levels with general structure

CXDT_TF218 – Translation: Investment Versions

CXH3 – Minority Appropriation Items

CXNU – Maintain Field Movement/Real.Update

CXV5 – Maintain equivalency relationship

S_ALR_87002398 – IMG Activity

S_ALR_87002835 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUCX01_SE00

S_ALR_87003114 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUCX01_DO03

S_P00_07000050 – Comparison of Currency Trans Keys

CX1C0 – List Master Data: Cons Groups

CX3A – Translate Data Entry Layout

CX3F7 – Method for uploading supplier data

CX5U5 – IPI: Items for translation diff.

CXBW0 – Initial Data Transfer

CXDT_TF325 – Translation: Period Categories

CXIB – Cons Tasks: Assign Document Type

CXP3 – Tasks for Data Collection

S_AL0_96000383 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87002504 – IMG Activity

S_ALR_87002896 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUCX01_ON04

S_ALR_87003153 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUCX01_IT23

S_P00_07000325 – (Not available)

CX1I1 – List Master Data: FS Items

CX3FY – Flexible Upload (generic)

CX67 – Amortization of goodwill

CXCE – Data Monitor for a Cons Unit

CXE1 – Document Types

CXM01 – Migration EC-CS – SEM-BCS: Mapping

CXR3 – Display drilldown report

S_ALR_87001824 – (junk)

S_ALR_87002613 – IMG Activity

S_ALR_87002948 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUCX01_ON09

S_ALR_87003184 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUCX01_CU05

S_P99_41000314 – (Not available)

CX0A4 – Reorg.View Maintenance (master data)

CX1Q – Change consolidation group

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