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S_ALR_87009727 – P/A Comp. of PrCtrGrp (Partner PrC)

S_AX7_68000239 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87009791 – Annual Plan/Actual Comparison

S_AXC_91000046 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87009855 – Open Item Balance Audit Trail from

S_XC0_18000028 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87009919 – Taxes/Dues, Prepaid Exp., Donations

S_ALR_87009983 – Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization

S_ALR_87010047 – Historical Balance Audit Trail Acc.

S_ALR_87010111 – German Foreign Trade Regulations

S_ALR_87010175 – Depreciation Posted to Cost Center

S_ALR_87011777 – Activity Type: Load

S_ALR_87011841 – Group: Prev. Year in Group Currency

S_ALR_87011905 – Depreciation and Interest

S_ALR_87011969 – Asset Balances

S_ALR_87012033 – Gain for Transfer of Reserves

S_ALR_87012097 – Historical Balance Audit Trail Acc.

S_ALR_87012161 – Requirement to Report Payments

S_ALR_87012226 – Gross Income Declaration

S_ALR_87012290 – Line Item Journal

S_ALR_87012354 – Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization

S_ALR_87012418 – Changes in Investee Equity

S_ALR_87012816 – Overall/Annual Budget in Program

S_ALR_87012925 – List: Actual Debit/Credit

S_ALR_87012989 – Overview of Variant Table Lines for

S_ALR_87013056 – Plan/Actual Comparison

S_ALR_87013120 – Work in Process

S_ALR_87013184 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87013248 – Planned Costs

S_ALR_87013312 – Cost Components

S_ALR_87013377 – Costing Items

S_ALR_87013583 – Budget/Actual/Variance

S_ALR_87013647 – Activity Types: Scheduled/Plan

S_ALR_87013711 – Asset Balances

S_ALR_87013775 – Net Worth Valuation

S_ALR_87013865 – Range: Cost Elements

/SAPTRX/68000160 – IMG activity

S_ALR_87013930 – Comparison: Current Year/Prev. Year

DRCARR – Display Carrier

S_ALR_87013994 – (Not available)

PIMG – Display R/3 Plug In IMG

S_ALR_87014059 – Birthday List

S_AHR_61015499 – Employee structure

S_ALR_87014125 – Display Attendance List

S_AHR_61015564 – Financing from BS Element Budgets

S_ALR_87014189 – Payday Calendar

S_AHR_61015628 – Remuneration Statements

S_ALR_87014253 – Remuneration Statements

S_AHR_61015694 – HBRGRPS0

S_ALR_87014366 – Completed Contracts

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