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GJ26 – Cutback rules / accounts

GJ87 – Display summary ledger totals

GJEH – JV EDI Inbound: Cost Object Mapping

GJNO – Non open item unreal. exchange diff.

GJT4 – JV Transfer Asset to Asset

GJZC – Company code (corporate information)

PSA81 – Maintain Daily Prices by PSC

S_KK4_66000007 – IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0015

S_KK4_66000071 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ37 – Funding group assignment

GJ99 – EDI mapping

GJEV – Process history

GJQ3 – Maintain Access (Sales Price)

GJTX – Maintain Field Transfers rules for

PSA06 – Display profile for PSC documents

PSA95 – PSA Split Lifting by PSC

S_KK4_66000020 – IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0011E

S_KK4_66000084 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ49 – Billing method posting rules

GJB5 – Order type for supplemental detail

GJF9 – Display JV assessment cycle – plan

GJR5 – JV EDI Inbound: Unusual Expenditure

GJVC – IS-OIL: Joint Venture Accounting con

PSA19 – PSA Lifting Group Master

PSC17 – PSC source assignment

S_KK4_66000033 – IMG-Aktivit

S_KK4_66000097 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ60 – EDI Outbound Base Configuration

GJCG – Carried interest groups

GJG6 – Overview distribution – actual

GJRG_5J1F – Remaining cutback by cost object

GJX2 – Condition Types: SD Pricing

PSA50 – Acutal Rollup to PSC tables

PSC90 – PSC Volume Entry

S_KK4_66000046 – IMG-Aktivit

S_KK4_66000110 – IMG-Aktivit

S_KK4_66000123 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ13 – Joint Venture Ledger Extract

GJ74 – Stepped rate rules

GJE5 – JV EDI Communications Code

GJJA – JV Load Balancing

GJRX – Bericht ausw

GJY2 – Delete archived JV-Cutback Data

PSA70 – JV Partner Entitlement

PSCTF – PSC Transfer Calculation

S_KK4_66000059 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ27 – Cutback rules / cost centers

GJ88 – Display billing ledger totals

GJEI – JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Ref

GJNR – JV Number range customizing

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