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S_KK4_66000093 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ42 – JV Material Batch-Cond code x-ref

GJB1 – BI for supplemental detail

GJF5 – Execute JV assessment – actual

GJR1 – Summary Ledger Reporting

GJV5 – Display Change Documents JV-Master

PSA15 – PSA Ship Codes

PSC14 – Calculation scheme

S_KK4_66000029 – IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0011B

S_KK4_66000106 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ56 – Accounts for exchange differences

GJC2 – Deactivate company in JV

GJG2 – Change JV distribution cycle -actual

GJRG_5J1B – Gross billable / all by cost object

GJW1 – Create JV-Pricing archive

PSA41 – Planned Volume Data Entry

PSC29 – PSC Calc Type Category

S_KK4_66000042 – IMG-Aktivit

S_KK4_66000119 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ0B – Non-Operated Billing by Venture V.2

GJ69 – JIB class/subclass/account mapping

GJE0 – EDI invoice service codes

GJIS – Install JV standard reports

GJRG_5JCE – Int. orders: actual/plan gross/net

GJY11 – Create JVA event

PSA58R – Cost Adjustments Reversal

PSCRP1 – PSC document display

S_KK4_66000055 – IMG-Aktivit

S_KK4_66000068 – IMG-Aktivit

S_SK4_49000001 – Transact. for SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY

GJ23 – Change JV partners

GJ84 – JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp)

GJEE – JV EDI Inbound: Property Table

GJLV – Line item report list variants

GJT2_OLD – JV Transfer Asset to Asset

GJZ5 – Reporting on Billing-Archives

PSA78 – PSA Print Entitlement

S_KK4_66000004 – IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0018

S_KK4_66000081 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ34 – JV project in suspense

GJ97 – Compare FI with JV document

GJER – JV EDI Inbound: 810 CO Mapping

GJQ0 – CRP Customising Menu

GJTF – Fields to be copied to new assets

PSA03 – Configuration screens for production

PSA91 – Arms/Non-arms Length

S_KK4_66000017 – IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0025

S_KK4_66000094 – IMG-Aktivit

GJ44 – Net profit interest groups

GJB2 – Account for supplemental detail

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